Artificial Intelligence

After two posts about Science Fiction… this time is for some tech talks. So today I want to tell you about Artificial Intelligence. Not going into much deeper… I am going to tell you about the history of AI, definition, types, applications and future aspects.

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# History of AI

The word “Artificial Intelligence” was first coined by John Mccarthy in 1956.
In 1969, “Shakey” was the first robot built for general purpose use. He was able to on/off the light bulbs and can move boxes on the floor.
A supercomputer “Deep Blue” designed by IBM, defeats the world’s chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997 using logic and algorithm.
In 2002, the robotic vacuum cleaner was created, which is open for commercially use.
And from 2005-2018, we are able to make speech recognition, RPA, dancing robots, smart homes and still developing different types of AI.

# What is Artificial Intelligence/AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the form of computer science, used to create intelligent machines. These machines are able to recognise human speech, detect objects, learn and can solve problems like humans.
These machines are capable to learn from the given or past data, plan according to that and use algorithm and logic to find the solution to a particular problem.

# Types of AI

There are four different types of AI, according to there use and functionality.

Purely reactive- Does not have any past memory or data to work with. It only analyses the present scenario and takes the best possible action. These robots are used for working in only one field.
– Limited memory- They used the old memory and keep adding more data to it. Then it finds the sequence and pattern and then works accordingly. They are not capable to make the next/ future move.
– Theory of mind- These machines are able to understand thoughts and emotions and interact socially. These types of machine are yet to be built.
– Self-aware- These are future generation machines. They are self-aware and conscious. They can do any work like humans.

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# Applications of AI

AI is used for fraud detection in the banking sector. The AI learns to detect and predict the transaction is fraud or not.
Most of the customer support is now being automated by artificial intelligence.
Algorithmic AI is used for cybersecurity to detect, adapt and respond to threats.
It is used in virtual assistance in different electronic devices like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google assistance to follow the user’s -command.

# Future of Artificial Intelligence

Automated transportation will become a common thing in the future.
There will be the number of smart cities, vehicle and home appliances running on AI.
They will help elderly people in their day to day work.
Robots will take jobs like a welder, plumber, postman and can take hazardous work like bomb diffusing etc.


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