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After Time Travel … This is time to know about TELEPORTATION. So without wasting your time lets jump right into it-

# What is Teleportation?

* Teleportation is the ability to move instantaneously from one place to another, independent of the distance between the two places. These places can be separated by any distance and they can be located in any dimension.

# Recently some of the Chinese scientists claimed that they had teleported a photon from the earth’s surface to a satellite. And now they are able to teleport atoms of Caesium and Rubidium. And in the future, scientists are planning to teleport some bigger elements like molecules of water or carbon-di-oxide, and maybe HUMANS someday. Because according to quantum science it is physically possible to teleport Humans.

# Scanning the object which you have to teleport, digitalise it in terms of binary code and send it to another place like we send an e-mail. This is the only process of teleportation we know till yet. But with this process, there are three major problems.

# The very first problem is that we don’t know how the object is going to be formed in another portal. Because we don’t have any control over the object formation on the other side. The second problem is about sending bigger objects like HUMANS. A human body consists of billions of atoms or molecule. And it requires a large bandwidth for digitalisation and sending of such a huge amount of data. Which takes millions of years in the process and it is not possible at present.

teleportation 3

# According to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, it is nearly impossible to determine the state, energy and velocity of a quantum particle at the same time. And for the real teleportation (means the object should vanish from one place and forms similar at the second place) we must have to know all the characteristics of the object at the same time. This is the third and very major problem for the teleportation.

# Just because of this problem, till now we had performed the copy-paste instead of cut-paste. That means we still have the original object at the place of teleportation. So instead of teleporting we are just copying that object or making a clone of it.

# Every problem has a solution, and the solution to this problem is to make travel the particles as waves. But how? Don’t know yet, but as I always say, “Anything is possible”.


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