Time Travel
theory of travelling through time

Hey guys, this is Suraj again, with a very new and interesting topic of TIME TRAVEL.

Time travel is a very curious and fascinating topic for everyone. Lots of physicist and scientists had tried and still trying to solve this mystery. Some say time travel is possible, but for some, this is just a fiction. And some claimed that they have travelled through time. Sounds insane but true.
I have tried to explain the whole concept of time travel through the points below-

# Manipulation in a time domain or travelling through it is called time travel. And by doing this we are able to travel to the past as well as future.

# What if somebody is able to make a time machine and go to past and kill his young grandfather. So what is the possibility of having the birth of his father and himself? Did he die in present? This is called the Grandfather Paradox.

# Now according to researchers there are two possibilities exist for this grandfather paradox. First, that even if you make it go to the past, you will not be able to manipulate the time. That means you will not be able to kill your grandfather anyhow. Second, that even if you able to kill your grandfather, this will not change anything in the present scenario. That means at present you are still alive !!!

# Let try to understand it in this way. Time is like a river, it can be fast or slow in a different region. It can bend or even split. So if you go to past and kill your younger grandfather, the time split into two paths. And you can find yourself in another dimension of the same world or at the Parallel Universe. And there is no change in the present day of this universe.

time travel 3

# TIME- According to the physicist, the time is like the 4th dimension. Take an example of a Mario game. As per the Mario, he is in a 3-dimensional place but for us, he is in a 2D game. Likewise, we only know the three dimensions but there is a 4th dimension exists and that is called time. And as we can move in all the three dimensions, we can also move in time.

# Speed of time varies in the different parts of the Space-Time graph. Therefore it is impossible to synchronise the watches throughout the universe. Now, what is the Space-Time graph? Space-time graph is a four-dimensional fabric net, and it is spread throughout the universe. All the planets are assumed to be placed in it. Now the deformation of this fabric depends on the mass of the planet.

# More the mass of the planet, more the deformation of fabric. And it takes more time to light to travel through it. And if the light takes more time to travel through the particular region that means the time is slow in that region of the space. As it is said that the mass of the black hole is infinite, and the deformation of space-time graph there is much more as compared to other planets. Due to which the light bands more and the time becomes much slower in that region. That’s why it is said that if a person travels around through the black hole the time passed for him is very less as compared to the peoples on earth.

# If there is a person in a satellite on the outer space. The time passes for that person is different from us. This is called Time Dilation or relative time. As time is slow near the mass full objects, that’s why time passes for the person in a satellite is 50 microseconds faster per day then the person on earth. In this contest, our earth also behaves like a time machine.

# According to the physicist if we want to travel through time we have to manipulate the space-time graph. And for that we have to make a machine which can travel faster than the speed of light, that is about 3×108 m/sec. If we will able to achieve such speed we can also be able to stretch or squeeze the time.

I believe that one day we will also be able to travel through time. Because in terms of science, everything is possible. That’s for today…


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